Gig List

  • August 7th – 14th 2020 Broadstairs Folk Week tbc. Cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions
  • August 30th 2020 Private Function-cancelled due to Covid Restrictions.
  • August 6th – 13th 2021 Broadstairs Folk Week, Unable to play due to ill Health.
  • May 1st 2022 Medway Sweeps Festival-Eagle Tavern 4.00-6.00pm.
  • May 1st 2022 Medway Sweeps Festival-Two Brewers 8.30-10.30pm
  • June 24th 2022 Braunston Historic Boat Rally – Duality (Charlie & Ted)
  • August 2022 Broadstairs Filk Week-Final details tbc.
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